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What is a Nikah?

The Arabic word ‘Nikah’ essentially means marriage or matrimony in English. It is a sacred and solemn social contract made between a man and a woman. The Nikah contract is the formal bond that turns two individuals from strangers to a husband and wife.

What happens in a Nikah Ceremony?

The Imam will ensure the presence of the witnesses and the approval of both the bride and the groom. The Mahr (dowry) would also have to be agreed upon. Once this is done, Certificates will be signed and the couple will be Islamically married.

What are the requirements for a Nikah?

  1. Two sane adult male witnesses.
  2. Dowry (mahr) to be paid by the groom to the bride.
  3. Proposal and acceptance by the bride and groom.
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Islamic Divorce (TALAQ)

Divorce is permissible as a last resort in Islam if it is not possible to continue a marriage. Certain steps need to be taken to ensure that all options have been exhausted and that the sides are handled with dignity and fairness.
Husband is urged to make any effort possible for peace under guidance of Islam. To negotiate and settle marital problems, or to appoint a member of each family to mediate, seek the guidance of the Imams, and so on. When all the efforts at reconciliation have been exhausted and the problems remain unanswered, in this case, Islamic Divorce (talaq) is the permissible to end the marriage between the husband and the wife, amicably and equitably.

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Converting to Islam (SHAHADA)

Shahada is a Muslim statement of confidence in the unity of God and the recognition of Muhammad as his prophet. Shahada is an Islamic creed that declares faith in the oneness of God and acknowledges Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be upon Him) as the last prophet.

If you have determined that Islam is the right way of life, and have decided to follow Islam, you should Contact us for more Information.


Yes, any Nikah ceremony conducted by NikahService.co.uk provides a certificate that will be approved and signed by a representative of NikahService.co.uk as well as the Imam himself.

We believe in making Nikah available to all, independent of group or preference. We also assume that it should be done in full accordance with the Quran and Sunnah, with the understanding of noble companions. As such, we do not refer to any specific mosque.

A Nikah is performed with a proposal (Ejaab) by the male or female and acceptance (Qabool) by the male or female in the past or present tense
in the presence of two male Muslim witnesses or one male and two female witnesses with also stipulating the dowry (mahr).

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